A WREXHAM family is hoping to raise funds for rare cancer treatments following a 'devastating' diagnosis. 

Sisters Heather Thwaites and Alice Myatt have set up a GoFundMe page in support of their brother-in-law Kieran Harrop, after he was diagnosed with advanced cancer in August.

37-year-old Kieran, who is married to Heather and Alice's sister Megan, has been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, which is considered terminal. 

In 2021, Kieran, who has a three-year-old son, had a Melanoma from his skin and a number of lymph nodes removed and was given the 'all clear'. 

The Leader: Kieran Harrop.Kieran Harrop. (Image: UGC)

After being in "constant pain" for almost a month, Megan took Kieran to the hospital, where they were left "devastated" after being told he has advanced cancers near multiple major organs. 

Megan said: "Stage 4 Melanoma that has metastasised is considered a ‘terminal’ diagnosis because it cannot be definitively cured. He was given an initial prognosis of 3-6 months without treatment.

"Even if the current treatment is successful, there is always the risk that the cancer will become resistant to treatment, will regrow or that the treatment simply won’t work.

"We are absolutely devastated with, and traumatised by, this new reality that we are facing."

Kieran's diagnosis has left him in a lot of pain and unable to do work, drive a car or play with his young son. 


Due to Kieran dealing with Ulcerative Colitis when he was younger, there is a risk that the immunotherapy treatments provided by the NHS could have a dangerous effect on him. 

As a result, the family, who used to live in Wrexham before moving away are fundraising in an attempt to secure a new type of therapy that could cure Kieran's cancer.

However, the rare type of treatment is currently not available in this country and would mean having to travel to Mexico to undergo it. 

The Leader: Megan, Kieran and their young son.Megan, Kieran and their young son. (Image: UGC)

Heather and Alice said: "Because of the high chance that immunotherapy either doesn’t work, or causes side effects that mean it can’t continue, we would like to look at other options that are not yet available on the NHS and layer up natural/complementary therapies to try to mitigate side effects.

"There are emerging forms of immunotherapy that are available at some private hospitals and in other countries but they can cost anywhere between £30k - £100k+.

"There are lots of promising results from these newer therapies that offer fewer side effects and may mean that we’ll be together as a family for much longer.

"More research is needed on our part to find a course of action but we would like to do whatever we can to make Kieron's future look somewhat brighter than it does at present.

"We kindly ask for your support to help Kieron to fight advanced cancer. Any amount that you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated and if you are unable to donate, a share with your friends and family would mean the world to us at this time.

"You will be making an incredible difference and hopefully helping Kieron to have as much time as possible with his treasured son and the rest of his family."