A MUM has urged parents and their children to speak about the dangers of social media after her daughter was targeted by a man asking for sexual images.

The Leader reported on Monday on the sentencing of 36-year-old Ben Gleeson, of Bryn Derw in Flint.

He had been convicted at a previous hearing of engaging in sexual communication with a child.

The court heard Gleeson reached out to his victim on social media and made inappropriate comments, as well as requesting indecent images of her.

The victim's mum told the Leader: "It was horrifying - probably the scariest thing I've ever been through.

"It was extremely upsetting and my first priority was making sure my daughter was safe and OK."

The mum urged parents to speak to their children and encourage them to tell them about anything which makes them feel uncomfortable or scared online.

She continued: "I'm so glad and lucky I speak to my children - my daughter felt comfortable to come to me straight away and tell me what had happened.

"If she hadn't it could have escalated into something a lot more serious than it was.

The Leader: Ben Gleeson (NWP)Ben Gleeson (NWP) (Image: NWP)

"My main message to people is to keep an eye on your children's social media accounts. Speak to them about the dangers of being online.

"And make sure they are comfortable about coming to you as a parent - and when they do, listen to them.

"It can happen to anyone. This is not something we ever expected."

The mum said she was pleased to hear the 10 month immediate jail sentence handed down by Judge Rhys Rowlands at Mold Crown Court.

She added: "We wanted justice and this is finally closure. We can move on now. It's a relief."

On her message to children, the mum added: "Please - if someone says something online that scares you - speak to someone.

"Whether it's your parents, an uncle, an auntie, your teachers; don't hide it.

"There are a lot of cruel people out there, but every child deserves to grow up happy and safe."