Anti-20mph protestors held a convoy in North Wales along the A55 and A483 to make a stand against the change in speed limit.

The Go-Slow protest started at 10 from Sainsbury’s in Wrexham and was planned to head to Bangor, with a second convoy doing the reverse to Wrexham from Bangor Services.

The convoy’s travelled at 30mph in single file, so as to not block all lanes, and organisers have previously suggested that vehicles take turns and rotate as lead vehicles along the route.

Not all vehicles did the full journey, with protesters joining and leaving the convoy along the route.

The Wrexham to Bangor convoy did later extend their route to Britannia Bridge, with protestors praising those who participated in the turnout, and also said that there had been plenty of onlookers along the route.

There was also a similar protest on the M4 in South Wales, making the total number of convoys in Wales as four. They were all planned to set off simultaneously.