A Saltney woman took a leap of faith and dropped two dress sizes by forming a new healthy routine.

 Louise Aubrey lost two stone, feels healthier and happier and now wants to help others do the same by opening new groups in Saltney Tavern on Monday evenings at 5.30pm or 7pm and Tuesday mornings at 9.30am

Louise said: “I always used to compare myself to others while walking down the street. I didn’t like photos of myself, I felt frumpy and unhappy, not being able to fit into the clothes that I loved.

“I had just had enough. Slimming World had worked well for me in the past and I had had great success losing weight with Slimming Worlds healthy lifestyle changes but stopped attending group and drifted back into old habits because I hadn’t embraced the changes I needed to make and built new skills and habits that would last a lifetime. I was feeling really low in confidence.

“It really upset me to buy bigger clothes and I was even known to cut the labels out of them. I felt lazy and did not want to exercise as I felt tired all the time.”

The switch went back on in her head as soon as she got back into her group, and loved that everyone in group was supportive and cared.

The Leader: Louise before she took the leap of faith Louise before she took the leap of faith (Image: Slimming World)

She said: “Slimming Worlds Food Optimising plan feels like magic but it is built on science.”

She added: “It allows you to never go hungry and feel full all the time, eating a wonderful and colourful array of food, along with family favourites including pasta and potatoes. You’ll never need to make separate meals or drag the scales out to measure everything. You’ll never have to eat boring food or say no to social events.

“No one wants that, and no one can be successful knowing that they face these sorts of limitations. Slimming World has given me the knowledge and freedom to make my own choices. Enabling me to form great new habits for lasting success.

“These new habits have formed the foundations for a new fitter and healthier me. Committing to losing weight can feel daunting when we start to think about changing the way we eat, drink and exercise, but it doesn’t need to be.”

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Whilst on her journey Louise not only learned about her relationship with food she also knew she needed to find a new groove with activity habits to maintain her slim, fit and healthy lifestyle for good.

Louise is now back to doing yoga regularly, she can now fit back into her walking trousers so she is  back to walking in the hills and enjoying the fresh air and can’t believe how much  more energy she has.

Forming healthy new routines is key for successful lasting weightloss and Louise can’t wait for Monday October 2 at 5.30pm or 7pm and Tuesday October 3 at 9.30am where she’ll be opening her new groups at Saltney Tavern. For more information contact Louise on 07774285072