WREXHAM Police FC have been nominated for a Lord Ferrer's Award, recognising outstanding contributions to volunteering in policing. 

The Lord Ferrer's Awards recognise contributions made by special constables, police support volunteers, volunteer police cadets and others who give their time for free to support policing.

Wrexham Police FC have been nominated for the Innovation Award for the innovative contributions volunteers have made in support of policing and to the community. They have raised over £18,000 for local schools, charities and hospitals by hosting charity matches. 

Wrexham Police FC will be attending the awards ceremony in London next month, hosted by the Home Office.


Sergeant Dave Smith, founder of Wrexham Police FC, said: "As a team of volunteers we play off duty, breaking down barriers with the community and building lasting relationships.

"We’ve raised nearly £18,000 for charity. We champion diversity, inclusion and equality.

"We’re inundated with game requests from across the UK and received support from Ryan and Rob at Wrexham. Also celebs from the world of sport, TV and radio. We’re also partnered with Her Game too, football vs homophobia and the white ribbon campaign."

A total of 12 individuals and team awards will be presented at the annual awards this year across the UK.