POLICE in Wrexham are set to increase patrols outside schools in the area following concerns over parking. 

Earlier this year, parents were given a warning by Wrexham Council following a 'near miss' outside a Primary School.

However, concerns continue to be raised over issues with parking outside Wat's Dyke Primary School. 

In June, former Wrexham Police Inspector Luke Hughes asked parents to consider their parking in the area, but months on and problems continue. 

On Thursday, Wrexham Town Police officers were outside the Primary School in Garden Village and say they were 'disappointed' to see parents parked on pavements and zig zag lines. 

Patrols are set to be increased in an attempt to reduce the parking issues at the school. 

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A North Wales Police Spokesperson said: "Officers from our Neighbourhood team were outside Wat's Dyke Primary yesterday afternoon following complaints from residents around the parking of cars at drop off and collection times.

"We were disappointed to find parents parking on the pavements and even worse, on the zig zag lines! 

"We understand that morning routines don't always go to plan but there is no excuse for selfish and inconsiderate parking, the school day starts and ends at the same time every day, so if you want a space close to the school then perhaps consider leaving a few minutes earlier to guarantee your favoured spot.

"You will see us more often in the coming weeks outside of local schools and we will be enforcing the rules so please don't be offended if we ask you to move your car.

"The pavements are for pedestrians, if you think that you need to park on the pavement to prevent the road being obstructed then you need to look elsewhere to park your car.

"This is all about the safety of the children, parents and carers on the school run."