Gladstone's Library, Hawarden

By Rhian Waller - Gladstone's Library PR and marketing

Welcome back to Library Life! Last week, we shared the stories of some of the authors of Gladstone's Library, in their own words. We're continuing the theme of non-fiction, in particular the academics who come to our Reading Rooms in search of silence and collections items...

Hannah Bacon, Professor of Feminist Theology: "I spent six months at Gladstone's writing my latest monograph on Feminist Theology and Contemporary Dieting Culture. There's now a copy in Gladstone's Library!

"I'm local to the area so travelled in from Chester most days. I found the space to think absolutely invaluable and I still come here to write. I find the place so inspiring and the quiet just suits how I work. I feel very lucky to be able to use the Library on a regular basis. It's a brilliant space!"

Theology scholar Grace Saalmans: "I recently completed my Masters in Christian Leadership and wrote my entire thesis in the Library!

"The title is Women's Place in the Contemporary Western Church: an Exegetical and Theological study of Pauline Dogmatics. Essentially, I unpack a few congested and controversial passages of scripture and attempt to interpret them in light of their original context and in what I believe to be a more accurate way than they have been interpreted throughout the history of the church.

"It was recently graded and I received a 1:1. Hooray! I definitely couldn't have done it without the huge range of books at Gladstone's, the peaceful setting of the Library and endless pots of tea in the lounge!"

Stephen Parker, (director of the Centre for Catholic Education, Research and Religious Literacy at St Mary's University): "I have done some of my best writing at Gladstone's Library - revelling in the routine that comes from the rhythms of the days, punctuated by the hubbub of mealtimes and conversations with other library-users, staff, and the public. It is a place of convivial solitude. At Gladstone's I've been able to kickstart new writing, end the frustrations of writers' block, complete chapter and finesse papers.

"It's a charming and delightful building, which only distracts by its splendour or the lure of new and unfamiliar tomes. I love getting lost in the shelves by my desk - browsing the unfamiliar, or having my fondness of attention evoked by recollecting when I had read a book long in the past. I am currently a historian of religion and education at the University of Worcester, and have often spent weeks and weekends at the Library over the past 10 years."

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