A member of a Wrexham choir is celebrating the 50th anniversary since he joined.

Saturday, September 23 will mark 50 years since Bernard Davies joined the Brymbo Male Choir and, he is not only still an active chorister but also a Committee Member and the Registrar of the organisation.

A lot has changed during those 50 years, with the choir once serving the community surrounding the Brymbo Steelworks.

Brymbo Steel was a busy, successful special steel producer, and local industry in mining, quarrying and agriculture provided a broad base for choir membership. 

At its peak, the choir numbered close to 110 choristers who travelled in the UK and overseas to satisfy the demand for the high-quality Welsh male voice sound, famous the world over.

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Bernard had unbroken service with the steelworks as well as the choir and is a deep source of knowledge of the history of both.

Now in his 91st year, he puts his longevity down to having led an active life and being in the choir. The choir provides continued interest and challenge in addition to being a lot of fun and providing camaraderie on the regular Thursday evening practice at Ysgol Tanyfron.

These days the choir numbers some 40 choristers and welcomes new members with or without experience. Just turn up at 7pm any Thursday to learn what goes on in the practice room.