ARRIVA is making a number of changes to its bus services across Wrexham and Flintshire this month. 

Changes to the way the Welsh Government supports bus services after Covid have resulted in revisions to the Arriva network across North Wales.

An Arriva spokesperson said: "We've worked with local authorities to minimise the effects of this but in some cases have made changes to reflect post-Covid changes in demand."

The changes to the timetables are coming into effect on September 23. 

Changes to Wrexham services:

Service: 1 Wrexham to Chester

Additional time in the peaks and revised intermediates to improve punctuality 

Service will now stop at the bus stop on Hoole Way after Chester Railway Station.

Service: 2/2a/2c Wrexham to Cefyn Mawr/Chirk 

Additional time in the peaks and revised intermediates to improve punctuality. Buses will now depart at different times.

Service 5: Wrexham to Llangollen

Revised intermediates to improve punctuality

Morning journeys from Llangollen to Wrexham to operate 5 minutes earlier to improve punctuality 

6.40am Llangollen – Wrexham journey now timed to arrive into Wrexham at 7.18am to connect with the 41 Wrexham – Wrexham Industrial estate service departing at 7.25am

Service 7 & 8: Wrexham to Caia Park

Revised intermediate times to improve punctuality at peak times

Service 11: Wrexham to Minera

11A journeys will now operate between Gwynfryn and Coepoeth via Ruthin Road and Minera Hall Road

Service 21: Wrexham to Summerhill

Revised intermediates to improve punctuality

Service 42: Wrexham to Hightown 

Route revised due to customer feedback. Service now no longer operate via St Giles Way, Brook Street, Pentre Fellin and Watery Road. The service will now operate will operate into/from Wrexham via Eagles Meadow as per the route of services 7 & 8


Service: 1: Chester to Wrexham

Additional time in the peaks and revised intermediates to improve punctuality 

Service will now stop at the bus stop on Hoole Way after Chester Railway Station.

Changes to services in Flintshire: 

Service 3: Broughton to Chester circular

Service revised to operate every 60 minutes Monday-Friday

The Monday – Saturday 5.26am and 6.26am journeys with returning journeys to Boughton from Chester at 5.55am and 6.55am are withdrawn. These journeys are replaced by 4B journeys departing Broughton at 5.26am and 6.26am which will now terminate at Chester Railway Station at 5.55am and 6.55a,.

The Monday – Saturday 6.26pm journey from Broughton with returning journeys at 6.55pm to Boughton is withdrawn. This will be partially replaced with a journey at 6.45pm from Chester to Broughton Village.     

Service 4: Mold to Chester

Service revised generally to improve punctuality, particularly with time added at peak times.

Additional journeys from Broughton to Chester Railway Station at 5.26am and 6.26am replacing journeys withdrawn on service 3.

To improve punctuality journeys that previously operated at 6.10pm, 7.10pm, 8pm and 9pm as a 4S diverting through Broughton will now operate as a 4.

4B journeys introduced at 7.40pm and 8.40pm introduced operating from Chester Railway Station and terminating at Broughton Village.

On Sunday’s departures from Chester Railway Station have been shifted from 20/50 minutes past the hour to 15/45 minutes past to improve co-ordination with service 11.

Service 5: Mold to Ellesmere Port

Service revised generally to improve punctuality

AM and PM journeys that operate to Mold Alun currently are revised to operate an alternative route to improve punctuality.

On school days, in the morning the service will operate via Mold bypass and Wrexham Road before terminating at Mold Bus Station and in the afternoon the service will operate the reverse. This means that stops on Chester Road will be omitted on these two journeys during school time. These two journeys will also not operate into the Campus car park due to the impact on punctuality. Customers will need to board at stops on Wrexham Road.