People can vote for a special tree in Wrexham which has been shortlisted for a national award.

A Sweet Chestnut Tree in Acton Park, which is thought to be around 490 years old is in the running to be crowned ‘Tree of the Year’ in the latest round of the competition, organised by the Woodland Trust.

The Woodland Trust’s panel of tree experts has shortlisted 12 fascinating urban contenders from across the UK for Tree of the Year 2023 – with one additional tree voted for by the public.

This year’s contest shines a spotlight on ancient trees in urban locations; all are in accessible locations and available to visit completely free any time (located in city parks, busy town centres and residential streets).

The Sweet Chestnut Tree has an impressive circumference of 6.1m and a height of 24m, indicating that it has been standing for around 490 years.

It has withstood many challenges during its half-millennium, from post-war plundering of the park for firewood in the forties to dozens of deadly storms, including that of 2021 when many neighbouring trees lost limbs or were toppled completely.

Now a feature of community events like this year’s tree party celebrations, the stately tree is well loved by locals for its history, value and beauty.

The Welsh public are being encouraged to vote for the Wrexham Sweet Chestnut and help to crown it this year’s champion; voting for the Woodland Trust’s 2023 Tree of the Year is open now until Sunday, October 15.

Sam Rowlands MS, Shadow Minister for Local Government and who has a keen interest in nature and the environment said: “I am delighted to see Acton Park’s Sweet Chestnut Tree has been shortlisted by the Woodland Trust, to represent Wales, for this prestigious award.

“I think it is fantastic news that a tree in North Wales is one of only 12 shortlisted for this top award with the chance of also going through to represent the UK in Europe.

“I am a great supporter of trees in our community and share Wrexham County Borough Council’s view that they should be celebrated in the area.

”I would urge everyone to get voting and help crown the Wrexham tree the champion.”

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Debbie Wallice, Councillor for Borras Park, said: “Acton Park is one of the many jewels in our community’s crown — it’s fantastic to see this ancient and historic tree recognised as a contender for tree of the year.

“We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful park on our doorstep. Let’s all get behind this beautiful Veteran Sweet Chestnut, vote it in as tree of the year and ensure it survives for another half millennia.”

This year’s winner will be announced later this year on Thursday October 19 and will go on to represent the UK in the European Tree of the Year competition.