FIRST MINISTER Mark Drakeford said the new 20mph limit will "lead to fewer deaths".

Speaking on BBC Radio Wales Breakfast on Thursday, Mr Drakeford said Wales will "lead the way" in road safety.

"It's a small price to pay in order to make sure that people are safe on the streets," he said.

The new speed limit in Wales comes into effect on September 17 - and will see most 30mph roads change to a default 20mph limit.

The law change has been met with widespread criticism - with a petition against it gathering over 20,000 signatures. 


Mr Drakeford defended the £32.5m cost of implementing the scheme, saying its a "one-off cost" and will save the health service "£92m every single year".

"So times you have to spend money to save money," he added. 

The first minister predicted that casualty numbers would fall by "thousands" over 10 years.

"This will undoubtedly reduce costs on emergency services," he said.

"This will be a move that will save people's lives at a very small cost to people who are being asked to drive a little more slowly in those urban areas."