Summer Reading Challenge 2023...

It's never too late to join this year's Summer Reading Challenge at your local Aura library.

There is still plenty of time to read your final book and complete the challenge, visit your local Aura Library and collect your final stickers and reward. Then book on to one of the extra special Summer Reading Challenge award ceremonies taking place in your library where you will be presented with your medal and certificate to celebrate your achievement over the Summer!

Contact your local library for dates and times or email

International Literacy Day

Friday, September 8, 2023 is International Literacy Day, the history of which dates to 1965. Members of the World Conference of Ministers of Education in Tehran in 1965 emphasised the low literacy rate among young people and the necessity of eradicating illiteracy. They also discussed the advantages that increased access to employment will bring to individuals across the world and the importance of literacy in developing an individual.

How can literacy help?

• Mental health - Reading can help you unwind by bringing your heart rate down and releasing tension in your muscles. It offers an opportunity to transport us from our reality and delve into the pages of a book, which contains another world. Aura Libraries can offer you a wide range of stock from shelves and online ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers.

• Community involvement - Being a part of a community can be beneficial to everyone's mental and emotional wellbeing. Participating in community activities and events creates a sense of social belonging and reduces social isolation. Aura Libraries has a variety of classes, events and activities that are available from Jigsaw club, Knit and Natter, Sporting Memories and Meet and Make.

• Effective communication - The ability to read, write, listen and speak allows us to communicate successfully and become involved in the world around us. Strong literacy abilities can open numerous avenues and foster other abilities. Aura libraries online life skills digital platform gives customers the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their opportunities.

For more information on what your local Aura Library can offer you please email or your local library direct.

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