The date has been announced for the first ever Wrexham Pride, set to take place next summer.

The event has been confirmed for July 27, 2024 and has been organised by Pride Wrecsam in partnership with William Aston Hall.

Kate Hutchinson, chair of Pride Wrecsam, said preparations for the event were still in its infancy but had reached a stage where celebrations can go ahead after years of planning.

She said: “A number of us have been trying to get a pride for Wrexham now for a number of years and for one reason or another it’s always stalled a little bit.

"We're finally at a point now where we have got a venue, we’ve got a date, we’re really lucky that folks at William Aston Hall have reached out to us and offered us a venue for the actual day.”

There are currently no Pride events in Wrexham and Flintshire, with the nearest being over the border in Chester; Kate hopes occasions such as Wrexham Pride will allow members of the LGBT community in the city to feel more confident to be themselves in Wrexham.

She said: “There’s a lot of people in Wrexham who are from the LGBT community who go elsewhere; if they want to go for a night out and feel free to be themselves they go to Chester, they go to Liverpool, they go to Manchester, they go somewhere else.

 “It’s just really important for people to be able to celebrate themselves, celebrate being able to be themselves in the town where they live.”


Kate added: “We want this to be an event for the community right across the city. We want to get all different organisations involved.

“We’re going to need a lot of help to do this as an actual pride event and we’re hoping Wrexham can rise together for that and help us bring this to the city.”

It is hoped the event can improve awareness of the LGBT community in Wrexham, with the celebrations not limited just to members of the LGBT community.

“Visibility is so important when it comes to raising awareness and a lot of understanding because it's also about getting the wider community involved as well, so people who are allies to the community, people whose family might be part of the LGBT community, getting them to come and celebrate as well.”