Primark shoppers have been issued with five money-saving tricks including the 'secret' to nabbing the £1 deals. 

As the cost of living continues to cause strain on our purse strings, many consumers are looking for creative ways to cut down on their spending.

Whether it's your food shop at Aldi or how to spot the bargains at B&M, the co-founder of the money-saving community, Tom Church has recently shared a wide range of savvy hacks for shoppers.

His latest advice involves the retailer Primark - best known for its budget-friendly clothes, homeware and beauty dupes. 

The Leader: Tom Church from has shared his top 5 tips for saving money at Primark. (PA)Tom Church from has shared his top 5 tips for saving money at Primark. (PA) (Image: PA)

Tom shared:"Primark is a fantastic retailer if you’re on a budget. There’s a wide selection of items from beauty to fashion to home, and you can get the whole family kitted out for less.

"However, there’s always things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best deals, so I’m sharing my top five tips to save at Primark".

Newsquest has approached Primark for comment.

How to find £1 deals at Primark

Tom notes that products are Primark are "generally fantastic value" already but there are some ways that you can find even better deals.

He explained:"I’ve found that most of the time when I go into the store, I can find sections with reduced items, and deals are usually around 45% to 60% off.

"Discounted racks and sections tend to be spread out throughout the store, so you have to be thorough and look carefully to find the best deals."

The savvy shopping expert also recommends that customers look out for red reduction signs that point out reduced sections.

Tom also shared some examples from his local store including that a pair of platform sliders were reduced from £7 to just £3, summer dresses were down from £9 to £5, a paisley top was reduced by £4 as well as a ‘reduced to £1’ stand in his local store.

Save extra 8% with Cashback

The Latest,UK co-founder also shared that you can get 8% cashback every time you shop at Primark.

He explained that shoppers can access this when they sign up to JamDoughnut and download the app.

Tom added: "You’ll also get a £2 bonus on your first purchase using JamDoughnut as well, so it’s worth signing up and earning these rewards.

“With the 8% cashback, that means if you spend £10 at Primark, you’ll earn 80p back. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s better than nothing, and as Primark is such an affordable retailer anyway, it just makes it even better value.

"JamDoughnut works with 150+ retailers, restaurants and supermarkets, so it’s worth checking out where else you can earn cashback".

Get 10% Off Faulty Products

Tom Church also spoke to a Primark employee whom he asked about how shoppers can get extra discounts.

He shared:"Apparently, if you find an item that’s damaged or faulty, you can take it to a store manager and request a discount."

What Tom found most interesting about this policy sit that it can include clothes that are stained with make-up, which happens a lot in the changing rooms.

Tom continued:"You could get an extra 10% off the item, so it’s worth keeping an eye out, particularly if it’s something that can be easily fixed when you get it home". 

The Leader: Customers can also save up to 90% by shopping Primark's dupes. ( Danny Lawson/PA)Customers can also save up to 90% by shopping Primark's dupes. ( Danny Lawson/PA) (Image: Danny Lawson/PA)

Save 90% with Primark Dupes

Many Primark customers know and love the retailer for its dupes of designer products. 

Tom shared:"For example, Primark recently released a range of Olaplex hair product dupes including shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils. I also found dupes for the Comme Des Garcons Converse trainers.

"They retail for £140 and Primark’s alternative is just £12. They’re not exactly the same, but a great option at 91% less.

“Primark is excellent value, but some items are better buys than others. You can normally find a lot of branded items in store, for example, their Disney and Marvel ranges. If you’re looking for the best deal though, you should avoid these items". 

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“You’ll always pay a premium on their branded items, for example, a Winnie the Pooh sleep shirt costs £11 compared to an unbranded one that costs just £5.

"That’s a £6 price difference, so if you’re serious about saving money, avoiding these branded items is an easy way to cut your shopping costs". 

Use Social Media to See What’s New at Primark

Tom Church also recommends following deal and shopping profiles on TikTok and Instagram to see what’s new and on offer in-store at Primark.

He added: "For example, Latest Deals on TikTok just published a video of all the latest Primark shoe dupes including Birkenstock, Converse, and Croc dupes.

"It’s a great way to know what’s cheap in-store before you go in.”