FLINTSHIRE residents have until Sunday (August 6) to apply for a grant from the Flintshire Local Voluntary Council.

The Voluntary Council are offering grants as part of the 'Flintshire Community Chest Grants' which are available to support community activity.

Applications are now being accepted from organisations benefiting people from Flintshire for a grant of up to £ 1000.  The grants are to support initiatives such as:

• Minor capital projects for example, building repairs and updating internal fixtures and fittings.
• Community events
• Equipment but not consumables
• Feasibility studies
• Publicity / marketing
• Training and awareness events/courses
• Responding to national, regional or local emergency situations
• Recovery from a national , regional or local emergency situation

Smaller, local organisations in Flintshire will be given priority.


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The grants will only cover 75% of the total cost, so match funding is essential.
Please note, the maximum of £ 1,000 can only be awarded once in a 2 year period. Successful applicants must wait 12 months before reapplying.

For more information or for advice or support, please contact: Heather Hicks at email: heather.hicks@flvc.org.uk or visit the Flintshire Voluntary Council website

Round 1 of the application process closes this Sunday at 5pm on Sunday (August 6).