AN OWNER of a beauty, aesthetic and wellbeing salon embraced the colour pink to put on a meet and greet with 'Barbie' and a pamper session for young girls. 

Claire Edwards, of Just Breathe in Talacre, who is a "massive fan" of Barbie, wanted to put on something special to mark the launch of the new movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Last Friday, girls - between eight and 14 - met Barbie. Barbie also returned to the salon on Monday, July 24. 

The Leader: Girls between the ages of eight and 14 enjoyed a Barbie-themed pamper!Girls between the ages of eight and 14 enjoyed a Barbie-themed pamper! (Image: Submitted)

As part of a 'Barbiecore' pamper sessions, girls receive a mini 'Barbiecore' pedicure with a pink fizz bomb which turned the water pink.

They also enjoyed a manicure, nail art, pink lemonade and cake. 

The Leader: Youngsters had their nails done - Barbie style!Youngsters had their nails done - Barbie style! (Image: Submitted)

Claire, who has run Just Breathe for the past 10 months and has already achieved 190 reviews that are rated 'five-star' on Facebook, said: "'Barbiecore Pamper' is just something I wanted to offer young girls who are too old for some small girl treatments and a little too young for adult pampers. Plus it’s such an exciting fun thing for us to celebrate the launch of the movie.

The Leader: Young fans were delighted to meet 'Barbie'!Young fans were delighted to meet 'Barbie'! (Image: Submitted)

"Bookings have gone through the roof which has been incredible. We took over 15 bookings and I couldn’t be more proud of how the first day went.

"Barbie was full of fun, she chatted to everybody. The girls were mesmerised and to see the belief in their eyes and the magic was definitely a personal highlight.

"The girls were amazed by their pampers and loved the foot spa soak with all the bubbles flying everywhere. I recall Serenity, one of the young girls, laughing out loud as she found the foot massage very ticklish. They all enjoyed picking their favourite colour gel polish and all chose pink and glitters too.

"They also loved their strawberry milkshakes with cream and their handmade chocolate coated marshmallows and fancy meringues. I'd like to give a massive thank you to Jacqui’s Cupcakes."

Barbie is returning to the salon on the week commencing August 6. 

Claire said: "I am a massive fan of Barbie myself and had all the dolls and dogs, houses, caravans, bikes etc when I was growing up. Me and my friends would play for hours escaping into the world of Barbie.

The Leader: One young fan enjoyed a hug from 'Barbie'.One young fan enjoyed a hug from 'Barbie'. (Image: Submitted)

"Our Barbie was just as you would expect her - full of big smiles and happy things to say to everybody. She was realistic in her chat to the girls in that she very much supported independence, girl power and 'you can be whoever you want to be' attitude. She joined in with them having pampers and told them all what pampers she enjoys. She also spoke about Ken and the girls all giggled.


"As a business, I think it was a no brainer to engage and join in the Barbie Mania. I just think it’s been a fantastic opportunity to give girls aged a chance to take a step into 'Barbie World'. 

"I am a feminist in that I own a business. I work hard, however, I just think it’s so much fun to still be able to enjoy Barbie and everything she stands for."

The salon will be running 'Barbie pampers' for the next two weeks.