SUPER Paul Mullin has described Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham in one word. 

The Reds' star striker posted a clip on his Twitter account of him being asked to describe things in a series of quick-fire questions. 

Asked about Wrexham's star co-owners, he described Rob as "funny" and Ryan as "cool". When asked to describe Wrexham AFC in one word, he said: "everything". 

He also said the Welcome to Wrexham documentary was "daunting", and revealed the joker in the pack is goalkeeper Rob Lainton. 


The Reds face Premier League giants Manchester United at a sell-out Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego in the early hours of Wednesday. The game kicks off at 3.30am UK time. 

Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson has warned his players to expect a huge test.

He said: "Manchester United will dominate possession as they are a fantastic team.

"Even if they won’t be playing their main team, their periphery players are outstanding and are internationals.

"It will be a great exercise for us in working out of possession and being disciplined.

"We’re playing against a good team and need to be at our best. I think the balance for us is getting minutes in as many of the players as possible."