TALKS are ongoing regarding the decision to ban dogs from a park in Wrexham. 

Following a spike in dog attacks at Rhosddu Park, Wrexham, pressure is increasing to prevent further incidents from happening. 

Last week, Rhosddu councillor Marc Jones said that pressure is building to ban dogs from the park, something he was against. 

Inspector Rob Stevenson, from Wrexham Police also made a plea to dog owners in the area and warned that if attacks continued, it could lead to dogs being 'seized and destroyed'. 

Now, Cllr Jones has revealed that talks are ongoing in an attempt to find a resolution to the ongoing issues. 

He said: "There have been a series of distressing dog attacks on other dogs in Rhosddu Park in the past few weeks. These are unconnected as far as I'm aware and we've never had a problem here before.

"I know the vast majority of dog owners who use the park regularly are responsible and all the community want is to get the balance right between allowing dogs to exercise and the safety of other park users.

"I'm talking to both the council's enforcement team and the police about the best way forward but I don't want to see a ban on dogs using the park.

"The concern is that, if dogs aren't controlled correctly and we see any more attacks, then the pressure to ban all dogs will grow.

"Can I ask all dog owners to do their utmost to keep their dogs under control so that we can avoid any further incidents in the park?"


One Leader reader felt that the threat of banning all dogs from the park would be unjust.

They said: "That's collective punishment, you wouldn't ban all football fans from a ground because one or two idiots commit violent crimes. Whether it's the park, street or your own home, bad dogs can attack at any time."

Another suggested the opening of specialised dog parks, they said: "What if you open up some dog parks? Dedicated spaces around the Wrexham area for owners to take their dogs, separate dogs from children would be a good start."