Gladstone's Library, Hawarden

By Rhian Waller - Gladstone's Library PR and marketing

In this, the second part of a series about the writers who work at Gladstone's Library, we're celebrating the range of work written in Hawarden. Introducing:

Emily Kerr said: "Hello! I write romantic comedies for HarperCollins and visited Gladstone's for the first time in December. I had a lovely three days working on the structural edits for my latest book Her Fixer Upper. It was so peaceful and calm, and everyone was really welcoming. I also enjoyed my meals in the restaurant and retreating to my comfy room!"

Sophie Claire, author of An Escape to Provence said: "Gladstone's was a refuge for me when we had builders in! I love the gorgeous reading room with its calm and beauty. It reminded me of being a student and working in the historic libraries in Oxford. But Gladstone's has the added bonus of a restaurant serving delicious meals and cakes!"

Joseph Boughey said: "I write non-fiction from transport history, environmental management and policy, to the history of historic and nature conservation, and - unintentionally, autobiographical studies, memoir and memories, and bereavement.

"I find the Library a congenial place to work. Much writing is fostered by the silence, and the sense that scholarly activity, of whatever variety, is welcomed, respected and nurtured."

Chloë Yates said: "I was at Gladstone's this year with The British Fantasy Society retreat. I write fantasy of all kinds (I usually tell people I write "odd" stories) and have been published by various small presses. I was also a triple British Fantasy Award nominee in 2022, with my first collection We All Have Teeth.

"Gladstone's was wonderful! Its peace and quiet gave me the chance to stop the perpetual rolling of my brain and concentrate, while the warm welcome and kindness the staff showed gave me the confidence to sit and seriously start my first novel. Sitting in amongst the books made me feel like I'd stepped outside of time and all the normal life pressures and distractions disappeared.

"It was so nice to be surrounded by other writers for a few days. It was a challenge as I'm agoraphobic, but it's one I'm glad I met because the group was lovely and the library is so peaceful and calm, it made me feel safe."

Next week, we will introduce you to more writers!