A dog owner told a court about the terrifying moment a dangerous bulldog launched an unprovoked attack on her treasured family pet.

Liam Evans, of Rosemary Lane in Rossett, appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

The 32-year-old admitted that on January 19 this year at Brynteg, he was the owner of a brown XL bulldog which was dangerously out of control.

Prosecutor Justin Espie told the court that on the day of the offence, a woman named Christina Jones was walking her 11-year-old spaniel-type dog Mojo on a field near Brynteg Library.

At the top of a hill she spotted the defendant, who had two dogs with him.

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The animals "came running down the hill straight towards her and her dogs," before one of them took hold of the victim's dog by the head and refused to let go, causing Ms Jones to scream out for help.

Mr Espie said the bulldog was not listening to commands and only let go of Mojo after three people came from the nearby community centre to help.

Mojo had punctures to his head and neck, as well as damage to his ear.

He required three trips to the vet for treatment, with the bill adding up to around £234.

After the incident, it was agreed between the defendant and victim that the matter could be settled by community resolution - with her paying in two instalments for the vet bills.

But he failed to pay, resulting in the offence being brought to court instead.

Ms Jones, who attended in person to see the sentencing, had her victim impact statement read to the court by Mr Espie.

In it, she said following the attack, her usually "lovely" friendly pet had been reduced to a "nervous wreck."

"He's the gentlest soul I have ever met," she explained.

"This is an 11-year-old dog with a heart condition and everything changed after this unprovoked attack.

The Leader:

"It took three days to get him to leave the house on a lead and three weeks before I could take him out comfortably.

"My heart pounds now if a dog approaches us."

She explained how Mojo was so distressed in the "frenzy" after being released from the defendant's dog's mouth that he actually bit her face.

Ms Jones added: "My lip is scarred now - this wouldn't have happened if Mojo hadn't been attacked.

"People should not have dogs if they fail to give the dog basic training for commands.

"The bulldog which attacked Mojo didn't respond to any comments and is a danger - next time, it could be a child."

Defending himself at the hearing, Evans told the court: "The reason I couldn't pay the instalments [to the victim] was that my job fell through and I was unemployed.

"With moving house and my wife and kids, I prioritised feeding my kids.

"Regarding the dog, she has since been put down.

"We tried training and I spoke to people online - before that point I had never had a problem with that dog.

"From that point her behaviour deteriorated and she was even attacking my other dog so I couldn't keep her, and I couldn't rehome her.

"I spoke to a vet and they advised the best option was to put her to sleep."

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On the incident itself, he added: "I couldn't be more apologetic; I wouldn't condone it and it's not something I am happy with or would let happen again.

"She was a two-year-old dog and I'd never had a single incident with her.

"I couldn't explain what had happened on that day. I was in shock as much as anyone else."

Evans received a £246 fine and was ordered to pay £435 in compensation to the victim to cover her personal suffering as well as the vet bills.

The defendant was also ordered to pay a £98 victim surcharge and £85 costs.