COLD caller reports in the Wrexham and Flintshire areas have seen an increase in recent days.

According to North Wales Police, reports have generally related to individuals knocking at properties and offering goods for sale.

Most of the calls have involved a male selling household goods from a rucksack.

Often, these goods will include many household cleaning products, cloths and dusters, and items of clothing.

Selling these goods at inflated prices and trading solely in cash, the individual will typically purport to be part of a probation scheme and have some form of ID card.

These ID cards are mocked up and have no legal bearing.


PCSO Stephen Bellis said: "Our advice is to always politely say 'no, thank you' and close the door to this kind of visitor.

"A general rule of thumb to follow is always keep all your doors locked even if you are in the house."

Police have provided guidance on door-to-door fundraisers, collecting on behalf of charities.

Door-to-door collections allow charities to engage with supporters in their community at a time when they are at home.

Many donations received in this way are regular gifts, so it also helps charities to plan ahead.

Taken from the Fundraising Regulator website, the rules relating to this type of fundraising are set out below.

  • Door-to-door fundraisers need to have a permit from the local authority. This is the case whether they are collecting from homes or businesses. If you live in a Cold Call Control Zone (CCCZ) where fundraising is prohibited or have a “no cold calling” sticker, then door-to-door fundraisers can’t knock.
  • Door-to-door fundraisers are legally allowed to knock until 9pm but cannot do so in groups of more than two. Fundraisers cannot enter your home unless you invite them. If you clearly indicate that you do not wish to engage, fundraisers should politely leave.
  • Legitimate collectors should have an ID badge clearly displayed. This should state who they work for and a landline phone number for the organisation. This should be properly printed – not photocopied or handwritten.
  • To donate by Direct Debit, you only need to give your account number and sort code. You should never give your card number, PIN or security code