RYAN Reynolds sent a touching message to Wrexham AFC's club captain after sharing "gut-wrenching" news about his father. 

Ben Tozer took to social media on Tuesday morning to state that his dad has tragically passed away after a battle with leukaemia. 

"On Sunday night, he required a brain operation, which went positively, then last night the unthinkable happened," he said. 

"Sadly, all of this happened because he left it too late. Unknowingly, he was masking the fact he was in complete agony. 'Go and get checked' we regularly said. He was just too scared of what it could be. 

"Thank you, Dad. Our last words together will live with me forever. I love you. I hope we have all done you proud."

Wrexham AFC's co-owner, Ryan Reynolds, tweeted a reply saying: "Gut wrenching. Sending so much love to the Tozer family."