Up A Yard

Greenfield Street, Holywell CH8 7PN,

01352 748815


EVER since I covered 'Up A Yard' winning the Best World Cuisine at the Wales Food Awards, I was eager to head to Holywell and see what all the fuss is about!

Up A Yard is owned and run by Charlotte Stanley, 27, who started the business during lockdown as a delivery and takeaway service.

The Leader: Up A Yard in Holywell is popular amongst local residents

Friends and relatives of mine had visited the Jamaican restaurant previously and raved about the freshness and quality of their dinner choices. 

I'd only been to Holywell a couple of times so I wasn't all too familiar with the town, but I found the venue easily with its bright yellow sign on Greenfield Road in the centre.

There are parking spaces just across the road which is highly convenient, completely free of charge. 

The Leader:

From its multicoloured vases to the sunflowers pained on the back wall, I was immediately impressed by its authentic interior. The dining area itself is fairly small, but has a cosy, laid-back and homely feel to it. With the Jamaican music in the background, I felt as though I could be on holiday with the glorious summer breeze coming through the open door and windows.

I took my time glancing over the menu, being completely indecisive at the best of times. There is an excellent variety of options, ranging from seafood dishes to curry to spicy wings. To start, I opted for the Strawberry Kiss cocktail, a sweet and fruity blend of gin and strawberry. After all, it was a Friday evening.

The Leader:

The Fried Chicken Mac & Waffle caught my eye straight away. I was apprehensive about the sweet and savoury combination but was instantly proven wrong from the first bite. The food was piping hot all the way through, a simple but rare observation, and the smoky-sweet barbecue sauce mixed in with the pasta made the flavour wonderfully unique.

The dish came with fresh spring onions and herbs on top, and tasted like a real home-cooked comfort meal. The crispy on the outside and soft on the inside waffle and fried chicken combination was dreamy, and within five-minutes, the bowl was empty. 

The Leader:

For my main, how could I have opted for anything other than The 'Famous' Homemade Crispy Chicken Burger? A burger is usually my go-to choice in any restaurant so I was incredibly excited to try this, despite also having chicken for my starter. 

The chicken was so unbelievably fresh it practically melted in my mouth, and was seasoned to perfection. The burger came in a soft bun with crispy onions (my favourite), cheese and salad.

Alongside it came homemade garlic mayo which was as strong as it was creamy, fresh rocket and fries which were lightly spiced and seasoned, also. The combination of flavours was unbeatable. It really took your average burger and chips and elevated it to a whole new level.

The Leader:

I also sampled the authentic 'Jamaican Curried Goat' that my partner had ordered after it was recommended by a friend. The colours and textures on the plate were sensational and, despite it being slightly too spicy for me, I could see what all the fuss was about.

The meat simply fell off the bone and had a fabulous kick of spices. It was also a dish that several others had ordered in the restaurant, so it must be a firm favourite.

The Leader:

To accompany our mains, we chose the Sriracha and Spring Onion Duck Gyozas as our succulent side and they certainly did not disappoint. The only regret I have is that we didn't order more of them afterwards to take home. 

The duck was cooked beautifully inside a perfectly crisp gyoza that thankfully wasn't swimming in grease. The bright orange sriracha glazed the top and, again, was garnished with fresh spring onion and herbs to add to its freshness.

The Leader:

The only downfall is that we didn't leave enough room for dessert, although the choices were tempting. I usually sway towards something warm with ice cream so was very pleased to see a homemade chocolate.

Of course, a traditional Jamaican rum cake with ice cream and grilled cinnamon pineapple and vegan coconut sorbet was on offer. An absolute classic. 


The staff were incredibly friendly throughout the whole evening, always making sure we had everything we could have needed. It really was one of the best dining experiences I've had in a long time.

I cannot wait to return and work my way through the menu, making sure I next go on either a Thursday and Saturday to enjoy the live music. 

All I can say is that the award is well-deserved and I am excited to see how the restaurant and business grows in the future.