DEE Valley Dragon Netball Team have proudly announced a new sponsorship opportunity. 

The Llangollen-based netball team have been sponsored by the Archwood Group to further its commitment to creating a positive impact in the local community.

The Dragons are set to flourish with the support of Archwood Group, contributing to their growth and development.

The team was established in July, 2021, by a group of passionate local residents, aiming to provide accessible netball opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Leader:

The club has established strong ties with Ysgol Dinas Bran, the local high school, to encourage younger players to join and develop their skills, hosting friendly matches and training on Wednesday evenings at the Llangollen Leisure Centre. 

Becky Roberts, Club Chair, said: "We are fully committed to offering flexible and accessible netball opportunities to our local community, be it in social games or competitive league matches.

"Our invaluable partnership with Dinas Bran and the Llangollen Leisure Centre has been instrumental in our journey, and we eagerly anticipate the future development of our club."

The Leader:

Archwood Group, a leading manufacturer of timber products, is a family-owned and professionally run company. 

As the most popular women's team sport, netball continues to experience significant growth, and the Dee Valley Dragons Team is determined to play an active role in expanding its reach.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Archwood Group, the Dragons have been able to invest in essential netball equipment and purchase training jackets.


Josh Burbidge, Managing Director of the Archwood Group said: “At Archwood, we believe in supporting initiatives that bring people together and promote well-being in our community. It's especially meaningful to us because one of our employees, Emily Burgoyne, played a pivotal role in founding the club.

"We are proud to contribute to their mission of providing accessible netball opportunities and fostering strong friendships within our community."

The club's committee, comprised of five founding members, shares a deep-rooted passion for netball. Despite not having played the sport for an extended period since their school days, they have rediscovered their love for it and formed close-knit friendships through the club.

The Dragons have been immensely grateful for the support received from Archwood Group, which has allowed them to bring a diverse group of individuals together, fostering lifelong connections.