FLINTSHIRE Council has shed light on how exemptions to the upcoming 20mph scheme will be decided. 

On September 17, most 30mph roads in Wales will be reduced to a mandatory 20mph limit. 

The controversial scheme has been met with considerable opposition, with a Senedd petition in opposition gathering over 20,000 signatures.

Change.org petition against it also gathered more than 50,000 signatures. 

Welsh local authorities are being tasked with deciding on which roads will be exempt to the new speed limit. 

In a debate in the Senedd last week, Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, urged councils to take a "common sense approach" to deciding on exemptions. 


Flintshire Council has responded to the Leader questioning the authority on its exemption process.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "Using criteria set by Welsh Government, the council is currently assessing restricted roads in Flintshire. To apply an ‘exception’ to a restricted road, we must have a clear and reasoned case for doing so, which demonstrates that strong evidence exists that retaining a higher speed limit would be safe. 

"Not all existing 30mph roads will meet this test, although it is likely that stretches along some roads will. Proposed exceptions for the roads assessed to date will be formally advertised during August giving people the opportunity to comment on each road proposed to be retained at 30mph as part of a statutory consultation process and formal objections will be invited."

They added: "There will be no deadline for reviewing exceptions, as with all speed limits, it will be an ongoing process as a result of a continually changing environment. After the introduction of the 20mph national legislation in September, local communities will be able to put forward further suggestions for consideration via the council’s website. 

"We have developed a useful hub on our website to help inform residents https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/20mph/Home.aspx."