TWO MEMBERS of the Senedd have accused a car park company of treating Wrexham and its residents with 'contempt' after snubbing a crucial meeting.

Lesley Griffiths and Ken Skates were due to meet directors of Euro Car Parks to demand action over Island Green in Wrexham. 

Countless residents have been hit with 'unfair' fines at the retail park due to problems with pay and display machines.

Concerns have also been raised over the effect this is having on businesses at Island Green.

Now, the MS' have been left 'furious' after Euro Car Parks reportedly snubbed the meeting at the 11th hour.


Clwyd South MS Ken Skates said: “We were furious after receiving an email from the company less than 24 hours before the meeting saying they would not be attending – with no offer of an alternative date.

"It’s just another example of the company treating Wrexham – and local people – with contempt.”

Lesley Griffiths, MS for Wrexham, said: “After initially accepting our proposal to meet, Euro Car Parks’ decision to cancel at the last minute with no explanation was extremely frustrating.

“Regrettably, it appears ECP representatives do not wish to reschedule. Although they seem determined to avoid meeting altogether, we are not deterred and as long as parking issues persist at Island Green both Ken Skates and I will continue to fight and stand up for local residents.”

The email Ms Griffiths received from ECP cancelling the meeting also stated they were only going to respond in writing from now on, but Wrexham’s MS is challenging that point and seeking an explanation as to why the company will not meet with elected representatives.

The Leader:

PIC: The Island Green retail park in Wrexham.

Mr Skates said: “They clearly know what people think of them and they didn’t want to hear it. They bottled it.

"Euro Car Parks will only sit up and take note when they’re hit in the pocket. Times are incredibly tough at the moment, so I don’t see why anyone would continue to boost the profits of a company which treats local people in this way.”

ECP also reportedly told Ms Griffiths: “All machines are serviced on a regular basis, they have a live heartbeat which reports directly into our back-office system, therefore if there are any faults with the machine these can be managed remotely or by our 24/7 operations team who visit the site directly.”

Mr Skates said: “The idea that no fault can be attributed to their machines, and that they genuinely believe scores of local people are incapable of inputting their own registration numbers, is laughable. They’re unscrupulous.”

Euro Car Parks has been approached for comment on the matter.