THE CHEAPEST places to get fuel in Flintshire and Wrexham have been revealed. 

After experiencing a downward trend since the beginning of the year, fuel prices have recently stabilised.

But the cost of living crisis remains, and it is essential for consumers to stay informed and consider their options to make the most cost-effective choices at the pump.

According to, the current cheapest places to get unleaded fuel in Flintshire are the Texaco forecourts in Buckley and Dobshill - at 139.9p to the litre. 

And in terms of diesel, the cheapest places are again the Texaco forecourt in Dobshill and Rhydymwyn Service Station - where it's priced at 141.9p to the litre. 

In Wrexham, petrol is significantly cheaper. The cheapest place being Smithy View Service Station, on Chester Road - at just 133.5p a litre. 

Diesel is also lowest-priced at the Smithy View Service Station at just 131.9p a litre. It is also cheap at Sainsbury's (132.9p) and Morrisons (133.7p).