THE FAMILY of a man who was brutally murdered in a Wrexham pub say they are still carrying the 'pain' of the incident, a decade on.

Craig Maddocks, 34, was murdered in a knife attack at the Cambrian Vaults pub, Wrexham, on June 26, 2013.

Murderer Francesco John Prevete is currently serving at least 23 years for the killing of Mr Maddocks, who died after being stabbed 52 times.

Today, Monday, June 26, marks ten years since Mr Maddocks was murdered.

Last week, the Leader sat down with his brother Danny, sister Lisa and mum Edna to discuss how their lives have changed during that time.

Mr Maddocks was known in his home community of Llay for being a keen boxer and a devoted Liverpool FC fan.

His sister Lisa said: "I think his boxing made him who he was. He was a very popular person, everybody knew him."

Brother Danny added: "Everyone knew him around the village, he was a very friendly lad. Always off on his bike, waving and shouting."

Mum Edna told us: "He was always very polite and well-mannered and he would speak to anyone."

His family say that it is his three children - Cloe, 22, Lois, 17 and Miles, 13, who will serve as his lasting legacy.

Since Mr Maddocks' death, Danny has done a lot of campaigning in order to try and tackle knife crime locally and nationally.

He has also set up a Facebook page, "On the Knife Edge" and delivered knife awareness sessions to many students in the Wrexham area.

Speaking on highlighting the issue, Danny said: "It's very important because knife crime is still happening in the area and these youngsters coming through today don't get educated enough.

"It happens so close to home."

Lisa added: "After we lost Craig, you just seemed to hear about it so much and realised that it's just happening everywhere."

Asked on the message she'd convey to any person out on the streets carrying a knife, Lisa said: "Just don't do it. They don't know what the impact is afterwards on a family.

"If you're carrying a knife, you're obviously intending to use it. You're taking your own life away because you'll get caught and sent down but you're also destroying another family's life as well by taking a loved one's life."

Asked about whether or not they have been left with any unanswered questions a decade on, Edna said: "From him (Mr Maddocks' killer Prevete) I do; why? He still maintains he didn't do it."

Danny added: "There wasn't that much family support around for that sort of thing, knife crime, back then.

"He's (Prevete) only got 15 more years to do, which is nothing really when you think about it. It should be life for life."

The Leader:

The gathering to remember Craig Maddocks on Saturday night (June 24).

The Leader:

(L-R) Craig Maddocks' brother Danny, sister Lisa and mum Edna with a picture of Craig on Saturday evening (June 24).

To mark 10 years since Mr Maddocks' death, the family held a meal over the weekend where around 40 people gathered to share fond memories.

They also paid tribute to Mr Maddocks' dad - David - on the night, after he sadly passed away this time last year.

Reflecting on the decade that has passed since his brother's death, Danny said: "People still say to me 'Hi Craig' by mistake, because we were so alike.

"It' doesn't get any easier, people say it should get easier and easier but it really doesn't."

Edna added: "It's always going to be there till the day I die. Knife crime is still about and it always will be."

Lisa said: "It's gone really fast the 10 years but the pain is still the same, that never goes away."


"My life's changed as I've had another baby and it hurts a lot that my brother isn't here to meet her because he loved kids.

"It hurts that he can't see my kids and his own kids grow up and be there for them. It's just hard, I was so close to Craig. I spoke to him every day on the phone without fail and it hurts.

"We've got really good family and friends who have supported us for all these years and we can't thank them enough for helping us get through it. We just take every day as it comes."

Danny concluded by saying: "I always keep wondering what he'd look like now after 10 years. He was a funny character and I just wonder what 10 years difference would have made."