THE TEAM behind a once hugely popular vinyl record store in Wrexham are bringing it back to life one last time this weekend.

Phase One Records was based on King Street in Wrexham for over 20 years before closing in 2005.

Established in 1982, the business was run by a group of friends and passionate music fans - including Alan Hughes (above) and Mike Scott.

Now, the pair are set to bring the business 'full circle' as they host a record fair.

From 1pm on Saturday (June 24), guests can join them at the Bridge End pub in Ruabon to celebrate the vinyl record industry.

The event is being hailed as 'The Last Phase' and will be seen as something of a final chapter for the business.

Looking ahead to the fair, Mike Scott, now 63, said: "This closes the circle I guess from opening the record shop in 1982 when we were both pretty young to coming towards the end of our careers in Music Selling 41 years later.

"It’s a bit of a celebration of vinyl records and stuff but also recognition of the shop and its impact in Wrexham Town Centre over its formative years."

There will be thousands of albums and singles on sale at the pub on the day, as well as videos and CD's.

Also at the fair will be an incredible miniature model of the Phase One shop which was created by Barbara Taylor for when Mike married partner Mandy - who also worked at the shop - last year.

Talking about Phase One Records and how it began in the first place, Mike added: "We saw a gap in the market for selling vinyl records. There were a few shops in Chester, but Wrexham only had Woolies and Smiths seeling them at the time.

"We were just coming out of college at the time and managed to secure a loan to help us set up. The business just rocketed so quickly and became a mainstay of Wrexham for many years.


"One of the highlights for me was helping bands like The Alarm who would come in and do their record signing sessions. People were queueing around the block to get in for that.

"Sadly, the growth of things like the internet and streaming led to vinyls becoming less popular. But, there is certainly a mini-boom once again now I think.

"Young people seem to be interested in buying vinyls again. There is definitely a resurgence at this moment in time."

Mike added: "If this event on Saturday is a success, then we may bring it back year after year. But for now, this is just a way for us to close off those Phase One years."