A POPULAR dog walking space in Wrexham is to close but a new five-acre 'Adventure Field' is to be launched as a replacement.

The much-loved enclosed dog walking and activity fields at Ryecroft Meadow based in Gresford, Wrexham, is sadly closing its first field 'The Meadows' which opened in 2018.

The Meadows is one of three fields opened by Rhian Williams alongside Hillside and Agility, each set across the beautiful countryside and available for hire all year round.

The Leader:

The Meadow promotes sensory experiences for enrichment and allows owners to feel relaxed whilst letting their dogs off-lead.

The new 'Adventure Field' will be situated in the same location in Gresford, with 6ft fencing, parking for two cars inside the field in an airlock-type system, and leads will not be required for your fury friends.

It is described as an 'enriching, activity area, with lots of space for your dogs to run.

The Leader:

Rhian said: "We understand The Meadow has provided so much happiness for people. We have witnessed many emotions; shedding tears of joy seeing your dogs have the freedom to run off lead for the very first time or to have a space you can relax in and, in sadder times, giving your dog their final off lead run, with many of you describing the field as life changing.

"The fear of starting this once very niche business when dog fields were few and far between, to the planning process, one that was pretty stressful - we want to say thank you to all of you that supported us from the start and those that helped us along the way.

"Please give our new field a chance. We have made improvements and will continue to add new things to ensure we always provide the best for your dogs!"

The Leader:

Regular dog-walkers were saddened to hear that The Meadow will return to its previous state of agricultural land but expressed their excitement over the new field opening very soon.

Amanda Squire said: "The Meadow is our pupper's favourite place on earth. So glad we have somewhere he can run without fear of running into other dogs."

Janet Starkey said: "The Meadow has been an absolute lifesaver for Wilf, it's the only place he can have offlead time. Thank you for providing such a safe space for our dogs."


Diane Tickle Swift said: "Rhian you are a lifesaver for so many of us who have challenges with our dogs. Thanks to you he has fabulous times, off lead, perfectly safe and I can just enjoy that special time with him."

Due to some small finishes, the field has yet to be officially opened. It will go onto the booking system with available dates and times soon.

The pricing will also increase slightly to reflect what can be offered. 

Rhian looks forward to welcoming new and familiar wagging tails soon.