The continuing 'overdevelopment' of a Wrexham village will result in more flooding misery for residents, it has been said.

Gwenfro County Councillor Nigel Williams urged motorists to avoid the main road through New Broughton "due to severe flooding" on Sunday evening.

The following day, he told the Leader: "We had heavy rainfall - the worst I've seen for a few years.

"There have always been problems with heavy rain on the main road.

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The Leader: Flooding in New Broughton (Cllr Williams)Flooding in New Broughton (Cllr Williams) (Image: Cllr Nigel Williams)"This time, there was flooding all across the road with vehicles stranded, and some trying to drive through it.

"I contacted North Wales Police to try and get them to put signs up to stop vehicles, but the village came together.

"A lot of volunteers came out trying to stop vehicles from driving up the road - but some just carried on to drive through it.

"That just makes the situation worse, because it causes waves.

"During Storm Christoph a few years ago, about 20 houses flooded - but this time, luckily, I am not aware of any properties being flooded."

Cllr Williams explained a number of sandbags are prepared and ready to deploy around the village should the situation worsen.

He explained the issue in New Broughton hadn't been the condition of the grids - which he said have been cleaned recently - but that the sheer volume of water had overwhelmed the drainage infrastructure.

Looking to the future, Cllr Williams said: "This 'once in a hundred years' type of rainfall is becoming more common.

"And climate change isn't helping, but one of my biggest fears and concerns is the amount of overdevelopment in New Broughton.

"In the last 25 years, there have probably been about 1,000 new houses built in the village.

The Leader: Flooding in New Broughton (Cllr Williams)Flooding in New Broughton (Cllr Williams) (Image: Cllr Williams)

"Permission has already been given for another 112, and then 47 more are coming to planning in the next few months.

"This can't carry on - something's going to give.

"You can't keep building on greenfield sites and expect to have no repercussions."

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Cllr Williams said all of the new developments have to dispose of waste and surface water, and if they continue to tap into the village's existing infrastructure, the flooding is going to be more frequent and severe.

He concluded: "New Broughton was initially a small mining village, but now you have all of these new estates.

"The system can't cope. It wasn't built for that.

"Unless new infrastructure is put in place, this can't carry on."