A popular market trader is looking forward to welcoming Alfie Boe back to Llangollen in three weeks.

Fish man Ian Shewan is from Fleetwood, Lanchashire, and grew up with Alfie Boe and his family, who will officially open the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod on Tuesday, July 4.

Ian, a popular figure in Llangollen, runs his Micky Finns’ fish stall every Tuesday morning from the main car park in Llangollen. 

Ian makes the trip every Tuesday morning to Llangollen straight from Fleetwood Docks where he buys his fresh fish in the early hours of the morning. He has spoken of the excitement in Llangollen as they look forward to welcoming back the hugely popular entertainer.

“Alfie sings TENOR and I sell BASS” said the popular fish man. “I’ve been known to belt out the odd song just for HALIBUT every Tuesday morning in the land of song. Alfie Boe is a legend – we’re so proud of him in Fleetwood and I am delighted he is back in Llangollen. Llangollen is buzzing and I can’t wait to welcome back another son of Fleetwood. Our families grew up on the same streets on a diet of cod and bass. 


“Fleetwood has always been famous for exporting its fish. I love coming to Llangollen Car Park every Tuesday morning to sell Fleetwood’s finest fish. Now, Alfie Boe is rivalling our fish for being Fleetwood’s most famous and best export. I can’t wait to welcome him to Llangollen.”

Alfie Boe is joining forces with musical theatre super-group, ‘Welsh of the West End.’ The hand-picked programme features favourites from theatre land in an evening set to sprinkle stardust on the opening of Llangollen 2023! 

The concert is on Tuesday, July 4 and other performers include Denbighshire’s home-grown talent Steffan Hughes, Jade Davies and Mared Williams.