Coronation Street star William 'Bill' Roache showed he has no fear of heights this weekend, as he completed a skydive at the age of 91.

The actor has played the legendary Ken Barlow on the soap since 1960 but on Sunday morning (June 11) he swapped the cobbles for a parachute.

It was all in aid of Stride For Truth, a charity set up to support community causes and homelessness, and the team from ITV’s Lorraine went along to film it after he announced the exciting news on Friday’s show.

Corrie's Ken Barlow star skydives for charity at 91 years old

In a segment for Lorraine’s morning show today (June 12), Bill said: “Hi Lorraine, Bill Roache, I’m here in North West Skydive about to go jump out an airplane”

“Hopefully with a parachute on or with an instructor with me,” he joked.

Bill said his “feelings were all over the place” but “one dominant one was excitement”.

He then began practicing his skydive movements on the floor with an instructor and he explained: “Everybody I’ve met says afterwards it’s the best thing they’ve ever done in their life and I’m sure I’ll be joining that group.”

Shortly after, the actor put on his skydiving overalls and harness before making his way onto the plane.

As the aircraft takes off, he grins from ear to ear and shuffles along the plane doorway with his instructor attached to him.

Once he's given a little nudge, he glides his way back to land and impressed viewers watched Bill attempt to blow a kiss to the camera while in the air.

On landing, a very pleased Bill said: “Breath taken away, it’s quite amazing, you can’t breathe. It’s quite startling but then when you suddenly see the parachute in the air and the glorious view. That’s lovely. You just slow it down, you know how birds feel. It’s really wonderful.”

He signs off the footage saying: “I’m ready for a cup of tea!”

Fans took to Twitter, sharing their support for Bill’s latest adventure, as one account posted: “Well done Bill you wouldn’t catch me doing that very brave Xxx”

Another commented: “Corrie's own Ken Barlow jumping out a plane! Go on, Bill!”

A surprised viewer said: “There’s no way on this world bill roach is 91 not having it. #lorraine”