A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured the damage a lightning strike caused to a chapel during stormy weather.

The Leader reported on Saturday night how North Wales Fire and Rescue Service had a call at 6.51pm reporting a fire at a building in the Rhewl area of Llangollen.

When crews arrived, it was discovered that the building - Capel Hebron - had been struck by lightning, which caused damage to the front exterior.

Nearby resident Bradley Beazley, of Property Photographix, said he, his son and his partner dived behind their sofa when the strike happened.

He said: "The lightning struck the top of our trees - we just saw a great big white flash.

"Our doors had been open, but they were closed very quickly after that!"

His 15-year-old son Luke told the Leader: "The electric went off and all of the car alarms outside went off because it was such loud thunder. It was almost like an earthquake.

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The Leader: The damaged chapel (Bradley Beazley/Property Photographix)The damaged chapel (Bradley Beazley/Property Photographix) (Image: Bradley Beazley/Property Photographix)

"We heard a fire engine in the valley and we weren't sure what had happened but we knew lightning had struck somewhere.

"When the electric came back on we decided to go down and see if the community needed help."

What they discovered was a crowd of people assembled at Capel Hebron inspecting the damage.

Luke added: "When the lightning had struck the building, bricks flew to about 40 metres away, they were scattered.

"The top of the building had been damaged and the right side.

"It was quite a phenomenon. You often hear thunder but you don't see the aftermath of it like this."