LOVED ones visiting Plas Acton Cemetery, also known as Wrexham New Cemetery, are using lawnmowers to access the gravesides.

Visitors have expressed their outrage over the state of the cemetery in Pandy and have said that laying their loved ones to rest in such an disrespected place is "totally unacceptable."

Tracy Jones-Moore, who uses crutches and a wheelchair, was unable to visit her parents' graveside yesterday due to the unkept knee-high grass.

The Leader:

She told the Leader: "I was forced to stay on a bench and watch my husband wade through the grass to get to MY parents graveside!

"My heart was broken yesterday as being disabled I could not get to my parents graveside to pay my respects and have a chat with them. It's 10 years this year since we lost our mum and our dad was buried with her in March this year.

"We have had to wait for the grave to settle before adding our own tributes and I couldn't even get to it. Devastating as we are still mourning the loss of dad."

The Leader: Plas Acton Cemetery is 'a disgrace' according to its visitors.

Nathan Jones on Facebook said: "My Dad is in a grave plot where we all get together to maintain the grass.

"There are elderly people, disabled people and so many others working around the incompetence of the council to pay respects to our loved ones."


Hugh Jones, lead member for environment in Wrexham, said: "On behalf of Wrexham Council I apologies to residents who have been distressed by our failure to maintain the grass in Plas Acton Cemetery to the expected standards.

"A team will be attending today to cut the grass and I have asked officers to take steps to ensure that our Cemeteries will be maintained to their usual high standards. The cause of the problem is down to an equipment issue which is being addressed."

Wrexham Council ask all visitors to place litter and unwanted wreaths in the bins provided, and to not let pets roam free or foul on the grass areas which contain graves - even if they are unmarked.