I went to the Kings of Leon concert in Wrexham on Saturday, and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

It was amazing to see how busy the centre of Wrexham was, so busy in fact that I had to walk to the Racecourse as I couldn’t park and didn’t think to prebook the park and ride!

An hour later I was there, and although it was only 4pm when I arrived, the queues were already wrapped around the Racecourse, ready for the gate to open at 5pm.

The Turf was exceptionally busy, and I headed over to the Maesgwyn and joined my friends who had been there hours before me, and several beers deep.  

We decided to let the queues go down before we headed over to the ground, so we stayed where we were at the Maesgwyn listening to the live music and talking about other concerts we had been to in the past.


We got into the ground at around 6.30pm and were treated to the Declan Swans on stage, who were being treated to an enthusiastic crowd that was starting to gather.

I also really enjoyed Far From Saints. They weren’t a band that I was too familiar with before the gig but will be added to my playlist.

Inside the ground, the drink prices were predictably high, but in comparison to other gigs I’ve been to, were fairly average. However, I also know someone who paid £48 for a round of drinks there SO I suppose it's not ideal when you’re buying for your friends as well.

I heard a lot of people complaining about the wait for the toilets, mostly the queuing to get to them, but I must’ve fallen lucky before I went straight through each time so I didn’t miss a significant amount of the gig.

Then, the main event. The Kings of Leon. Though most heads did turn towards the new floodlights when the first song was played, as they were also putting on a show. Only three of the four are up, but there was a newfound enthusiasm for the 2023/34 season where Wrexham fans will get to see them in action.

As for the acts themselves, what a show! I was standing and the atmosphere was incredible. Regardless as to how many songs people knew, everyone had a good time.

The final song was the popular ‘Sex on Fire’, the one that everyone had been waiting for. The crowd was the loudest it has been all night and gave the band a massive round of applause at the end.


@leaderlive_ Kings of Leon put on quite a show at the Racecourse! #kingsofleon #wrexham #RacecourseGround #WrexhamAFC ♬ original sound - LeaderLive_

Then the concert was over, and I joined the thousands of people walking down Mold Road all talking about how good it had been.

I had to walk back home of course, all uphill this time so it took me an extra half hour longer, but although my feet were aching, I got home with a big smile on my face, and jealous I didn’t have tickets for the Sunday show.

It’s an event that Wrexham is definitely going to remember for a long time to come.