How smart are you? Put your general knowledge to the ultimate test with our weekly Pub Quiz.

It's the perfect excuse to brush up on your fun facts for a trip to a pub this weekend or to find out how brainy you are once and for all.

With 10 fun questions, the pub quiz will get your brain cogs turning and put your memory to the test.

From movies, sports, music, history and even a little bit of science, we've got all the topics covered.

The Leader: What score can you get in our weekly pub quiz? (Getty Images/ Tatyana Larina)What score can you get in our weekly pub quiz? (Getty Images/ Tatyana Larina) (Image: Getty Images /Tatyana Larina)

Meanwhile, if you're looking for something a bit more niche, Harry Potter fans can uncover whether they're truly magical or a bit of a muggle with our ultimate quiz. 

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So if you think you have what it takes to be the pub quiz master, find out now and take our quiz. 

Try out our weekly pub quiz - what score did you get?

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