It’s been reported that the UK’s first heatwave of the year could be on the horizon, but while we are ready to feel a bit of heat after a long winter, it’s not the easiest time for our fluffy companions.

As we make the most of the warmer temperatures that are slowly rising for the summer, taking care of our pets in the heat is a big priority.

While it’s important to know the signs of heat stroke in a pet and why you shouldn’t walk your dog in high temperatures, having accessories around the house to cool them down can be useful.

To help you keep your pet cool this year, Aldi has launched their ‘Keep Your Pet Cool’ range, with items starting from £2.49.

How to keep your pet cool as Aldi launches ‘pet cooling’ range for the summer

Just some of Aldi’s Specialbuys that we can treat our pets to include a brand-new portable shower, a sunshade dog bed, and Aldi’s sell-out pet cooling mats.

New for 2023, and for those who want to pamper their pooch on a hot summer's day is the Porta Dog Shower (£22.99, online only).

It’s been made to make cleaning your dog on the go quicker and easier than ever before with its multiple spray settings.

Other products that could be useful to take the heat away are the Pet Cooling Towel (£2.49) and Cooling Collar (£2.49).

The collar can be stored in the fridge for long-lasting comfort both during and post-walk.

The Leader: This sunshade dog bed from Aldi is elevated off the ground and can be used indoors and outdoorsThis sunshade dog bed from Aldi is elevated off the ground and can be used indoors and outdoors (Image: Aldi)

For when your dog wants to lounge around, Aldi now has a Sunshade Dog Bed (£19.99), which makes relaxing in the heat outdoors safer.

It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with a bed that elevates pets off the ground and provides sun protection of UPF 50.

Something that most pet owners are often on the lookout for is a pet cooling mat.

Aldi is offering these mats which can provide quick relief to pets suffering from the heat and are available in a choice of medium (£4.99), large (£6.99), and extra Large (£9.99, online only).

You can even keep your furry friends entertained and hydrated during the heatwave season, with Aldi’s ice-cold Pet Cooling Toys.

Starting at £2.49, the selection includes a shark, bone, ice lolly, dumbbell, and donut.

To use, simply soak or fill the toys with water and place them in the freezer ready for playtime.

Aldi’s Keep Your Pet Cool range will be available to pre-order online from 21st May and in stores from 28th May, while stocks last