Permanent bollards have been installed on High Street, Wrexham, to keep pedestrians safe on nights out after temporary signage kept being moved.

The road has been closed off to traffic on Friday and Saturday nights to keep the public safe and the new permanent bollards support these closures.

Wrexham Council said that the permanent bollards were in place after issues with the temporary signage being moved during the road closures.

Now, the bollards will be raised on Friday and Saturday evenings and also be used for one-off events.

A spokesperson for the council said: “There are no plans at the moment to permanently pedestrianise the High Street.  The bollards that have gone in will be raised on Friday and Saturday nights/evenings to support the temporary closures that we’ve had in place for a couple of months.

“They will also be used for one-off events in the city centre (e.g. fan zone, Victorian Christmas market).  The temporary signage being used to date was proving problematic as it was being moved, and potentially causing trip hazards to the public.”


Concerns by members of the public have been raised on the road closure, who have wondered about how emergency vehicles use the road if they need to. Concerns were also raised on how the closure affects the flow of traffic in the city centre.

A spokesperson for the council added: “Long term decisions about traffic in High Street and the wider city centre will be informed by the work around Placemaking, but we are also asking local stakeholders to share feedback with us about the current temporary closures to inform future plans.

“We have liaised with partners in North Wales Police on this matter.  Emergency access will remain available via other routes (e.g. Regent Street, Town Hill) which is likely to be the preferred option.  However, emergency services will be able to remove the lock if required.”