RYAN REYNOLDS has revealed that recent reports about him buying a home in the Wrexham area 'aren't accurate at all'.

The Deadpool star and friend and fellow actor Rob McElhenney took over as co-chairmen of Wrexham AFC in February 2021.

And the Reds have already been on an incredible journey since then - ending their 15-wait for a return to the English Football League just last month.

The pair have regularly been spotted in and around the club's Racecourse and rumours were rife that Ryan had actually purchased a home in the Wrexham area.

The Sun claimed that an unnamed source told them that he was set to buy a house worth £1.5 million in the village of Marford.

However, during the latest Fearless in Devotion podcast - which is about all things Wrexham - Ryan denied those claims.

Asked about the rumours and whether they were looking to put any 'roots down locally', Ryan said: "I mean I've got four kids here in New York. There was an article that said I'd bought a home over there, but that was not accurate at all."


Ryan added: "Look, we love it, but to move our entire families over there, that would be a real act of superior black belt manipulation on my part. I can pull off a few things, but I don't think I could pull that off."

"Both my wife and I love coming over though. We also love going to California, but we don't live there, so you know, yeah, maybe one day - who knows?"

Rob meanwhile added that his 'kids are a little older' so he might be able to 'force their hand' in terms of a move to north Wales.

Marford residents had been left 'shocked' by the news that Deadpool himself could be moving into their neighbourhood.

However, it now looks as though a permanent move to the area is off the cards for Ryan - for the time being at least!