The cross-border community will come together to celebrate Polish Heritage Days this Saturday (May 13) with an event to mark culture and history.

The celebrations will be held from 11am at Chester Cathedral as a mutual celebration with the Chester & Borders Polish Society, Queen Elizabeth II Polish Saturday School in Chester and Wrexham, and Polish Integration and Support Centre (PISC CIC) in Wrexham.

The Polish Heritage Days run through the month of May and this will be the seventh annual event by the Polish Embassy in London. It will be special due to the different Polish organisations that are involved this year.

Chair of the Chester & Borders Polish Society Ewa Corser said the event aims to bring the Polish community in the UK closer to other communities, while also sharing Polish culture, heritage and hospitality.

Ewa said: “That’s the idea, the aim of Polish Heritage Day is to integrate the Polish community with other communities in the UK and we wanted to do that in Chester this time.”

The event will see traditional national dances presented by the children from the Saturday schools from Chester and Wrexham. They will do the traditional dances Polonez and Krakowiak.

Music, poetry and prizes will also be something to look forward to. Food and drink will also be available.

Lots of special guests will also be in attendance including the Mayor of Chester and representatives from the consulate in Manchester.


The event will also celebrate some history, with special decoding activities being held.

This will celebrate the British and Polish cooperation in breaking the Enigma Code, which was detrimental to the Second World War. During this time, Polish decoders were working with the British to help break the code and changed the course of the war. Ewa says this is an important part of British/Polish cooperation.

Ewa said: “We’re looking forward to it, and especially that we’re joining forces with different organisations to do it together, so this is something important.”

Ewa also thanked Anna Buckley of PISC for her work, and Chester Cathedral for allowing them to hold the event.