POLICE in Wrexham are probing a 'bizarre' report of a dog strengthening it's jaws in a children's play area. 

During his daily update on Thursday (May 11) Inspector Luke Hughes detailed a report the force had received that 'requires some follow up'. 

Insp Hughes revealed that on Wednesday (May 10) the force were contacted about a dog chewing a swing in a children's play area. 

The dog is reportedly being allowed into the play area by it's owner to strengthen it's jaws, which police are set to investigate. 


Inspector Hughes said: "Quite a bizarre report that requires some follow up.

"Information received from a reliable source that an individual living in the area of Lilac Way is deliberately allowing their dogs into a children’s play area and encouraging them to chew the children’s swing in order to strengthens the dogs jaws… the swings are damaged as a result.

"So many things are wrong with this, where do I start? Officers will follow up."