WREXHAM superstar Paul Mullin has opened up on why he chose to play for the club in the first place.

The 28-year-old striker has already well and truly become a Reds hero since moving to the Racecourse from Cambridge United in 2021.

During the 22/23 season, he hit an incredible 38 goals in 46 appearances as the club were crowned National League champions and moved on up to the English Football League after a 15-year wait. 

That sort of form has already seen him earn his 'Super Paul Mullin' chant, as sung by the fans in every match.

During an interview with GQ Magazine published last week, Mullin has revealed why he chose to play for Wrexham in the first place.

He told them; "Me son more than anything. I want to get home and see him every single night and they give me that opportunity.

"Cambridge was a long way from being at home with the little boy, who was one at the time, it was difficult. People don't know how difficult it is until they do it. It’s the furthest from home I’ve been.

"First and foremost I told Cambridge I was signing a one year contract because I don't want to be away from me son for too long. When the end of the season came I actually found it hard to leave.

"From there, I wanted to be excited about playing football every day, and what more exciting place are you going to find than Wrexham? Every week something exciting happens."


Mullin also revealed how the aftermath to the crazy promotion scenes at the Racecourse ensued.

He added: "I enjoyed me Maccies – six nugget meal, class. Medium coke. The bars were too busy so we ended up going back to the stadium as a team.

"At 6am, I went to the medical room to try and kip on one of the physiotherapy beds. Then at 6.20am the physio comes in singing “We've got Mullin, super Paul Mullin”, wakes me up. Then we’re out again. I was awake for 40 hours. People were hanging off lampshades at one point."

On being recognised when he goes out and about these days, Mullin told GQ: "When people stop me in the street I’m still taken back. I'm like, why me? Surely you don't know me? But I have to just roll with it and say ‘’iya mate, nice to meet you'.

"I speak to everyone the same. When you're out with the baby and people are asking for photos it's like, let me get him out of the way first, but I don't mind it. I should feel privileged that people want to ask me for a photo.

"I’ll never change though, me family and best mates wouldn't allow me to be any different. I'd be getting battered if I'd done that."

The Leader:

PIC: Mullin celebrating with the National League trophy.

The prolific goal-getter also revealed more about the players' trip to Vegas and was full of praise for Wrexham owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds too.

Speaking ahead of the trip, he said: "It became a thing where if we won the league, we’d get a holiday. So we’re off to Vegas. Ryan and Rob told us to leave our cards at home, they're sorting the lot. They sent us a full itinerary just now. Part of me doesn’t want to go, I might be dead by the end of it. But I’d never go to Vegas by me own accord, so I’m buzzing for it.

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"I've never had owners like these, they care so much. And it's not just about the club, they care about the people. They'll ring us to see how we're getting on, they'll ask how the family is.

"They also keep speaking about how they’re trying to put a spotlight on every other club in the National League, and Wales as a country.

"People in America are now interested in football because of these two guys. You wouldn’t think this sport could have gotten any bigger, but it has because of them."