A WREXHAM vicar has completed a gruelling 332-mile bike ride to Scotland to raise funds for the repair of his decaying church roof.

The Rev Jonathan Smith pedalled hundreds of miles north over six days to help towards his goal of raising over £20,000 for the flat roof at St Margaret’s Church in Garden Village.

At the end of his marathon journey, Mr Smith had attracted donations of more than £2,300 of his target figure of £3,000 and is still hoping for further pledges of financial support.

To make a donation, go to: https://www.justgiving.com/page/lets-fix-the-roof

He explained that while he didn’t do any particular training for the ride, he is no stranger to two wheels as he tries to get out on his bike for an hour or two each week work permitting.

Mr Smith is also vicar of St Mark’s Church in Caia Park and not too long ago he rode between all the other churches in Wales named for St Mark, raising hundreds of pounds for the one back in Wrexham.


For his latest expedition, he chose as his destination St Margaret’s Church and Dunfermline Abbey just north of Edinburgh.

Mr Smith said: “My overnight stops were at Northwich, Lancaster, Penrith, Moffat and Edinburgh.

“On the whole the ride was good going, although I had to make some detours around the busier roads in areas like Wigan and Preston using quiet roads and paths, which was not easy.

“At Sedbergh some running repairs were needed to my bike but these were completed thanks to a local cycle shop.

“We have had a long-term problem with the church roof at St Margaret’s and the internal ceiling has partly collapsed.

"We believe that repairs will cost over £20,000 so that is why I decided to do the ride, although other groups within the church have also been raising money and we hope to get some grant aid towards the cost.

“So far my ride has attracted pledges of around £2,300 but further donations would be very welcome.”