FLINTSHIRE residents enjoyed a 'brilliant celebration' to mark the King's Coronation yesterday. 

King Charles' Coronation took place on Saturday (May 6), with many residents across the UK hosting street parties to celebrate yesterday (May 8). 

Including those were residents of Maxwell Close in Buckley who came together for a "special day". 

Charles became the 40th reigning sovereign to be crowned at Westminster Abbey, the nation’s coronation church since 1066, as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby placed St Edward’s Crown on his head.

The historic moment, watched around the globe, was a fulfilment of the King’s destiny, but followed the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last September after a 70-year reign.


Local resident, Martyn Foss said: "The Maxwell Close street party was a brilliant celebration of the King’s coronation.

"It was superbly organised by residents of the close Val, Brenda and Lynne.

"Almost all neighbours attended and it was lovely to see and meet everyone. It was a really special day with lovely weather and atmosphere.

"It was a good old-fashioned street party with lots of food made by all the residents."