WREXHAM AFC's continuing success has brought a "renewed sense of belief" in Wrexham as a city, it has been said.

The Leader reported last week on celebrations in the centre of the city to cap off an incredible season for the club's men's and women's teams.

An estimated 40,000 people attended the event, which was organised by Wrexham Council.

And according to Joe Bickerton, the council's tourism manager, the huge boost in footfall for the city on that day is only a small part of what Wrexham AFC's success has done - and will do - for Wrexham as a visitor attraction.

He said: "It's been such a great positive for the whole city - benefiting our local and international tourism scene.

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"It's certainly been a whirlwind. When [Rob and Ryan] took over the club, it was more a case of intrigue from us and the whole community in terms of what impact they would have.

"Over the last 18 months, we're seeing them more and more in the city.

"Obviously the amount of work they've done raising our profile and making the community feel really passionate about what we have in Wrexham - and what can be achieved - has made people really feel a renewed sense of belief in the whole city.

"Add to that being shortlisted for the city of culture and it's really empowered businesses, encouraged investment and made Wrexham the name on people's lips."

On the city's tourism prospects, he continued: "We know through different inquiries with travel organisations and those coming through Visit Wales, Wrexham is generally becoming one of the biggest searched locations for UK Staycations in 2024.

"That's something that was far beyond our reach even a few years ago and it's important that we capitalise on this so that our hospitality businesses get the benefit.

"Our role will be helping businesses gear up for more footfall and a more international audience.

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"This is going to be such a big boost for the wider north Wales economy as well."

Mr Bickerton said a new Wrexham tourism ambassador scheme is about to be launched, alongside a 48-page brochure about the area.

He concluded: "I think there's going to be so much happening in the next few years and it's really about trying to capitalise on the positivity and spotlight shining on Wrexham."