THE UNVEILING of a Peace Statue at a park in Wrexham will take place on Tuesday (May 2).

The Leader recently reported that planning permission had been granted for statue to be installed at Acton Park. 

On Tuesday at 11.30am, a ceremony will be held to unveil the statue - the fifth of its kind in Wales. 

Peace Run is the world’s longest running relay. Its full title is the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, and it is a global torch relay that symbolises humanity’s universal aspiration for a more harmonious world.

Now in its third decade, the Peace Run is humanity’s largest and longest grassroots effort for peace. Since its inception, the torch has visited more than 150 nations and has visited the UK on many occasions. 

When the Peace Run visits a community, an Olympic-style peace torch is passed from hand to hand, giving those present the opportunity to make a private wish for peace as they hold it for a moment. The statue offers the same opportunity but with a bronze torch instead of the flaming original.


It is therefore intended to be interactive and a bilingual explanatory plaque will be positioned adjacent to the site. The statues are created by London based artist Kaivalya Peter Torpy, who will attend the ceremony.

Devashishu Torpy, Peace Run director, UK, said: “Wrexham is definitely the place to be these days. There’s a real buzz of energy and inspiration here. With all this newness and happiness, we’re really pleased that the city has accepted a peace statue as well. And we hope you all enjoy it for years to come.”

Councillor Mark Pritchard, leader of Wrexham Council, added: “We’re delighted to see the Peace Statue unveiled here in Wrexham. At a time when there is conflict in many parts of the world, including Ukraine and Sudan, the Peace Run initiative is an important reminder that we should never give up hope in striving for a world free from fear and war.”