Some Three customers didn’t receive the Government’s Emergency Alert at 3pm today, April 23.

The company has tweeted to make their customers aware that they are looking into the issue and working with the Government to find out what went wrong.

Three tweeted: “We're aware that a number of customers have not received the test alert. We're working closely with the government to understand why and ensure it doesn't happen when the system is in use.”

An Emergency Alert was set up to be received by millions today so that the new system could be tested.

The system is similar to those in the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Japan and is intended to be used in life-threatening situations including flooding and wildfires.

Some Three customers didn’t receive Emergency Alert

With a thumbs up emoji, one Three customer tweeted: “love how people on the three network got no emergency alert, really reliable that”

Another tweeted a GIF of Woody from Toy Story dancing and said: “Me being on the Three network and not getting the loud emergency alert”

A third tweeted: “What emergency alert? Nothing received on iPhone 12 mini on Three network. Nope. Not a dickie bird. #emergencyalert #emergencyalertfail #three #iphone”