THE DEVELOPMENT of the Kop stand at the Racecourse has taken a step closer to completion after securing a £25m grant. 

Last week, Wrexham Council outlined funding proposals for the Gateway Project. 

The project is split into two key areas – the ‘eastern side’ and the ‘western side.

The new finance proposals will help fund the western side, with a substantial amount of the £25 million grant given to the council by Welsh Government being reallocated from the eastern side to the western side.

The council will in turn apply for external funds and guarantee a minimum of £8m being available for the east side scheme.

The Wrexham Gateway project includes the building of the new 5,500 kop stand at the Racecourse, along with the regeneration of key sites and transport structures into the city. 

The proposals were put before the Executive Board at the council yesterday (April 18), where it was agreed. 

The council, Wrexham AFC and other partners missed out on levelling up funding in January but now a large part of a £25m Welsh Government grant will be used as part of the project. 

The development of the new Kop will take Wrexham's home capacity to 15,000. 


The new stand is expected to be completed ready for the start of the 2024/25 season. 

When discussing the proposed plans, Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, said: “The Wrexham Gateway is a massive project that will transform one of the main corridors into the city.

“It’s ambitious, but we need to be ambitious if we want to fulfil our potential as Wales’ newest city, and as the home of Welsh football.

“A key element is the development of the new kop. The incredible things happening at the club are propelling Wrexham onto a global stage, and football is bringing communities together, boosting local pride and helping to attract visitors and investment.

“So helping to secure finance to develop the Racecourse – so it can once again host international fixtures – is hugely important for Wrexham, and the benefits will be felt far beyond the football pitch.”