Marford residents have shared their thoughts after Wrexham AFC owner, Ryan Reynolds is rumoured to have bought a £1.5m home in the village. 

According to a national newspaper, the Sun, an unnamed source says the Hollywood star is set to buy a house in the village.

While the news is yet to be confirmed, Marford residents have shared their excitement and surprise that the Wrexham icon could be moving in!

Ava Heath, an 11-year-old season ticket holder at Wrexham AFC, who lives just outside Marford, believes it is a good thing for Ryan to have a base in Wrexham as he can "come to more games."

The Leader: Ava Heath, Wrexham season-ticket holderAva Heath, Wrexham season-ticket holder (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

The young footballer added: "I think the team plays better when him and Rob are there are they want to do well."

Despite being a young fan Ava believes that Ryan and Rob have had a huge impact on the club and Wrexham in general, she said: "They have done very well, we are at the top of the league after all."

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Ava, like many other Wrexham fans, was on the edge of her seat during yesterday's match against Notts County which saw Ben Foster save a penalty in the 97th minute.

Marford daycare workers at Marford Little Explorers, Jessica Jenkins and Tracey Nevitt shared they couldn't believe that Ryan Reynolds may be coming to the village. 

The Leader: Jessica Jenkins and Tracey Nevitt at Marford Little Explorers daycareJessica Jenkins and Tracey Nevitt at Marford Little Explorers daycare (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

Tracey said: "I think it is very good for the town, it means a lot that he is choosing to stay in Wrexham."

"The people of Marford truly are the salt of the earth so I think Ryan chose well."

Jessica said she is in both disbelief and excitement over the news and is hopeful she will be able to share a pint with Ryan and Blake in the nearby Red Lion Pub. 

The Leader: Marford Red Lion pubMarford Red Lion pub (Image: The Leader - Newsquest)

Since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the club in 2020 followed by the release of the documentary Welcome to Wrexham in 2022, the Reds have gained a huge new fan base both internationally and locally. 

Helen Haynes, a Marford Resident, had never previously been interested in football however now follows the club closely.

Helen added: "Ryan has done wonders for Wrexham."

Helen believes that the support the famous co-owners have given to the women's team has been incredible for women's football in general. 

She said: "In America, women's football is massive so it is great that it is getting more recognition over here as well."

Wrexham resident Dawn Evans hadn't been aware of the news that Ryan may be buying a property in Marford however she reflected on the impact that the Hollywood duo have had on the whole county.

She said: "I was in Vietnam and I mentioned I was from North Wales and someone said 'Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds?' So it really is known all over the world."